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Those Hands Tho


So I suppose I was feeling self-indulgent today and I decided to do a portrait-style doodle of my wonderful boyfriend. What’s funny is that as soon as I started drawing him I had this huge insight into my man preferences. He looks pretty much like the kind of guy I would draw all the time except that I make a deliberate effort to avoid him – the geeky, tall, dark, bespectacled gentleman. I avoided him because I always felt “Well, of course that’s my type” so I, not surprisingly, tried to challenge myself by making my guy characters not my type. So, drawing him was pretty much super easy and it felt like fulfilling half a cliche – the nerdy girl drawing the geeky guy – and made me super happy and isn’t he adorable? THOSE HANDS THO

Before I colored him though, he did look a lot like Micah from “Farewell, Fairytale” (and Unface) so…that works!

Also, look at my cool traditional lineart from last week.

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