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This is the first piece I’ve finished on my brand new laptop! I definitely went broke on this new beast of a computer at just the right time. Trying to pull my photos and documents off my old computer showed me how close it was to death. I mean maybe that’s all in my head…

Anyway I have a computer now that doesn’t make me scared of working in Photoshop. And also (shhh) I’ve upgraded to a “trial” (wink…wink) version of Photoshop CC, so everything is shinier and newer than the last version I was working in.

As for the actual piece, it started when I was nearly exploding with aimless frustration today and I needed to do something to channel my feelings. Since Ingrid is pretty much my muse (and I’m casually working on another rewrite of Terror of Night) I went with her immediately. Also because I love her hair. I was working on a page of “Stealing from Raquildis” when her pose popped into my head, so I gave up on that and worked on this instead. Shades of red are definitely my go-to colors, especially for digital work. I followed through a little more with shading and cleaning up the lineart, too.

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