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The single silver lining of 3 hours of naptime at my new job came when I realized URR I CAN BRING MY SKETCHBOOK TO WORK HERP DERP

And it helps that I’ve lost any sense of timidity when it comes to just plopping about and ignoring everybody else while I doodle. I shamelessly get into drawing now and I’m proud that this week I barely moderated what I decided to draw based on who might see it. It helps that either there’s an unspoken sense of “give her her privacy” or else, more likely, a general “I don’t give a fuck what you’re doing” attitude about me sitting between toddler rooms scribbling.


So  I was so excited about feeling artistically productive this week (on minor stuff or not!) that I wanted to make sure I got them scanned in and compiled to say WELCOME BACK ME


So this one was a cry of frustration over the doodle I started before this where the girl just looked like she was about to fall over. I’m really bad at that and have been told as such. So I made a super-grounded girl looking frustrated by my inability to be grounded. Turns out it’s a punk midriff-bearing version of Ingrid with an angry speech bubble which according to my boyfriend sounds like a quote from one of the Dark Knight movies (don’t remember which…shh). Definitely messed up her lips, so now they’re just a big pucker.


While I will definitely praise it as mostly a good thing, the girls at Kinderberry dress nice. Like, “I have to pull from my somewhat small and very disused selection of cute girl clothes every day I go to work.” It’s a bit intimidating and this piece literally evolved out of that because I was just gonna draw a pretty girl and then I looked around and I was like “That’s not me, all I have is her head…what should I do to her muahahahahhaah” so then I did stuff to her
head in the clouds

I think this was the same day or the next day but I realized that boredom made me grumpy and want to pick drama fights with people. Anyway I really like her knees.

succubi baby


It actually *just* occurred to me ethat this could have been influenced by watching Being Human all weekend. Since I remembered my colored pencils in my backseat yesterday I’ve wanted to try juuust using colored pencils to draw, kinda like using different colored lineart. Still not crazy about the texture of colored pencils and not all the colors ended up working well nicely but this was still fun. (…Yes, the little girl’s face did turn out super creepy)

header-homeA few nights ago I decided to redo the banner for My Mental Breakdown and this was just gonna be generic until I spontaneously put them on the moon and then it got super adorable.


…okay I’m out of blogging steam but I’m sure MORE TO COME 😀


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