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(no) trouble

no trouble

I DON’T EVEN CARE ’cause this was SO FUN! I had the song “About That Bass” stuck in my head while I painted this, which influenced the content and aggression. But I’m even more proud that it did after checking out Meghan Trainor’s ABSOLUTELY CHARMING music video for her song. It’s all pastels and empowering and somehow manages not to be skinny-shaming while it’s being all fatpositive (that probably had the most tumblry phrases I will ever use in a sentence).

Anyway this piece was an awesome way for me to kind of cope with feeling vulnerable. It made me feel fierce while I was doing it – SLOWLY AND METICULOUSLY, I might proudly add – and this girl with her fierce hair is pretty much worthwhile too. Her hair was actually all I had in mind when I started out and it’s still my favorite part. But I’m proud of her eyes insofar that I love how the eyelashes turned out since they’re not ridiculously stylized. Her earrings and her shirt also have dashes of metallic acrylic ink, but obviously they didn’t scan super great.

I feel like I’m getting past the point of watercolor being problematic to work with, so that I’m starting to have fun and be productive with it. As you can see with the hair and shirt I can work a single color till it’s nice and bold but I basically suck at blending colors yet, which is a problem since I’m working with a really limited palette. I’ll work on that, and actually placing a figure in an environment (*shudder*), and, yaaaay. Also I’m wasting so much bristol board on watercolor paintings. But it’s so nice and smooth and a nice size to work with!

Also I downloaded this font from and it’s called The Skinny or something. It’s adorable. And I haven’t put text on an image in ceeeeeeenturies.

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  1. I like the dramatic color contrast and though it’s pastel, it “feels” more intense than pastel…

    Glad to see you’re exploring your art!

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