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I’ve been trying to wait till I finish my current digital coloring of a drawing I did during Super Stories this week, but it’s taking forever so I’m going to post what else I have instead. That can be its own damn post. Maybe then I’ll actually shade it too.

In light of the murder of Philando Castile I wanted to a painting in support of Black Lives Matter. I haven’t quite taken the plunge there yet; I never include anything like that in my paintings normally so I have to work myself up to it. In the meantime, I did this painting of a violet-skinned guy with Lucio-ish dreads staring at the rain while the sun shined behind him. That’s what I tend to do, too, and though it doesn’t retract from the beauty of the rain, it’s not the full picture.
I tried to push this painting farther than normal in terms of developing shading, but I don’t think I did as much as I could have still.


Also, yesterday was the second birthday of my kickass fiance’s gaming podcast, North Saint Podcast, so here’s Beep Boop their mascot celebrating with a cake.
beep boofday

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