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summer palette

If only it weren’t so perfectly transparent when it’s summertime and I start using pale yellow in ALL my pictures, hah. I bet you my color choices are actually seasonal though. Cool blues or dark reds for winter, warm pale yellows for summer, and sometimes heather pink.

It’s teaching season right now and I’m in Bloomington about to teach 3 kids Comic Book Design for the rest of the week, and then next week I’m doing my second week of the summer with my Super Stories bunch. That’s gonna be super nice after my first week because I have nine students instead of 16. But MARY DON’T FORGET TO CALL MIA OKAY

I very halfheartedly started a story idea based on the kind of element magic I’ve always wanted to do and on my super complicated relationship with one of my students. I have a scene and a half written. I love the first scene, and then I’m not sure how to move it forward.


I did this drawing during the last day of my class last week when my kids were busily at work and I was really bored. Not gonna lie, I kind of all but forgot about Manga Studio until I was showing my kids how it worked, and then in the process I figured out how to close a bunch of menus and naturally got super into it again. I wanted to draw Micah but blond hair looked better with this color palette. DOESN’T HIS PIZZA LOOK DEFRICKINGLICIOUS

I was feeling sleepy and content Sunday morning, and I’d been reading Sun-Walking over again a few weeks ago and it had me on a bit of a Lucy/Lee bender. I love them so so so much. They’re so fierce and stubborn and tender at the same time. I love how much Lucy gets humbled in the last part of the book after building and building up till she can’t really keep up with herself anymore. I think it’s kind of a coming of age novel in that Lucy takes a risk and then grows into her choices and the realization that while she made herself better, it’s not the only way.

That’s it. Time to teach!

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