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100 days: a project


I thought I’d post about what I’ll probably be up to for the next while. I can’t help it and I’d better just admit that wedding planning has completely overtaken my attention. Tonight, I happily crafted my little comic bubbles for my table markers while making my fiance help me. Didn’t even think about how specific of a craft it was. Just did it, because it’s what’s on my mind.

Well, on Wednesday last week it hit 100 days till my wedding on 1/7/17. I decided in light of my obsession with wedding stuff that I’d do a project. I know since I met Ryan (literally since I made a drawing of our first kiss) that my art has become dominated by him. Somehow without realizing it he really did become my muse in every sense of the word. Between that and the fact that weddings are a lot of work, especially when you’ve got an artist stick up your bum and want to do it all yourself exactly as you prefer it, I don’t really have the energy for aimless drawings as much as normal. So I figured, why not channel my crazy consuming love into productive art in another form besides making centerpieces or banners. And like, if I decided that this project would be something I could share at my wedding, then it’d scratch that itch for feeling like I need to be doing something for the wedding all the damn time.

So, while most artists are celebrating Inktober (which, yes, I’m still super jealous of), I’m 5 drawings into my 100 Days of Love sketchbook project.

Every day, I’ll draw something that comes from Ryan and I. Whether a goofy anime doodle, or a sultry, emotive charcoal drawing from a real, raw moment when Ryan pulled me out of the darkness in my head, I’ll draw SOMETHING. I’ve already even had one throwaway day where I just started a sketch for our private ceremony invites. That’s the thing, I know they won’t all be winners but that’s never the point of daily art challenges. The point is to produce work. And I am, and in this case every time I draw for this project I’m also reminded why I want to marry this nerdy guy scrolling on Twitter while watching football next to me. In every way, this project is an amazing endeavor that I’m excited to have made a commitment to doing.

Here’s a few so far that I’ve really loved.

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