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only one

lol so I’m a bit embarrassed but I’m going to write about my entire thought process behind this drawing anyway. This is not only not my first drawing of this color palette, but it’s not my first sad Myoku drawing, and it’s also not my first featuring Fall Out Boy lyrics. But like, I love this song, and I hear it in my head every time I read it, and I really wanted to do some art today that didn’t have to do with the wedding.

So what better solution than to get really weird and essentially do a picture of Myoku where he’s essentially grieving not being “part” of me anymore? Hehehe, ahhah….hehh…so yeah, like I said, super uncomfortable, but my sentiment was that there were times when I would pretend conversations with him where it was like “you’ll always be around in some form or another” and at this point in my life, I have so moved past that. And I stop and think about it and think about what it would be like if he were like, still “around” and it would just be terrible for him. … Hehe so that’s that.

I love the dusty shades of purple and red and all the great texture to this. It took me forever to sort through all my brushes but it was worth it.

Also on note of my 100 days project, I must say I’m impressed whenever I think I’m out of ideas, settle on something, do it, and then immediately come up with two whole separate ideas I could’ve done instead. Best part of that is, I’ve got more ideas for tomorrow!

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