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I’m pretty excited to have finally finished the first non-100 Days piece of art that I’ve done since I dunno, before the 100 Days started. While I love doing the 100 Days and it’s definitely helped me commit to daily art more, it’s kind of felt like I’ve been pidgeonholed into those drawings. I get home from work and I do a drawing and then I play video games until I get too tired by 9:15. Then on the weekends I’ve been busy with various wedding stuff, either my own or others, and now it’s the holiday season.

So, here’s this! I missed drawing textured hair (Ryan and I basically have shoujo hair), and I LOVE how all the ethereal cloudiness turned out. I worked really hard making the colors unified and I fixed the skirt last night, bringing it from boring to lovely super fast as soon as I started fucking with it. I love the nice mixture of small flicks and big fluffy washes in everything.

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