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What an exciting time to be Mary! I’m home from work for a week and a half because I’m getting MARRIED NEXT WEEKEND! And forget wedding planning, I’ve plunged headfirst into creativity and productivity and it is¬†blissful.

I got three new YA books when I was at the mall yesterday, and I can barely decide which of them and the one I got for Christmas I actually want to commit to reading first! A great and terrible problem indeed!

And then, like two weeks ago, I had this crazy vivid dream about a Skyrim dragon I was like, companions with, and an enemy dragon stole my “sister” away to their dragon realm so we had to figure out how to get her back. And I was like DUDE, THAT’S LEGIT so I very hesitantly started a story on it that I’m STILL WORKING ON!

MIRACLE OF MIRACLES! And now I have TWO readers – Kyra, for the passion and enthusiasm, and Ryan, to spot my tired typos and any inconsistencies/repetition/lack of believability.

So today it was time to doodle my heroes, Noeli and Sivarthis. Noeli’s struggling to really show her stuff yet because she’s angry and/or traumatized, but Kyra and I are head over heels for Sivarthis. It was actually her idea to even make him dark-skinned, which should have been a no-brainer.


In five days it’s my wedding! I’ll be sure to post some photos when I get them back from our photographer!

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