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of markers and endeavors

and also scary new wordpress editors

Well I would say in the last few weeks I have officially begun getting the hang of my new alcohol markers…but the problem I have discovered today is that my poor old flatbed scanner is not. a. fan. 

I never knew that losing saturation would be a problem for me in my unsaturated, blues and reds world. But it was super sad and I still don’t think the scan does my latest drawing justice.

I had always wanted to do a real, thorough Snowbelle personified drawing and so I fixed in on what she would look like NOW as a person…which would be stumpy, and chubby, still mildly terrified of everyone, but always eating mom’s favorite foods.

So I gave her some cute love handles and gray track pants and some FUCKING DELICIOUS looking ramen, and voila. It looks like I know what I’m doing with color sometimes.

Snowbelle <3

So this one immediately went up on my ever-changing art wall over my desk and even now looking at it it’s confusing because the bottom corners color of pink is actually called “Light Violet,” which is alarming as it turned out on the computer more like a light violet than it did on the paper, haha. What? Okay. Whatever.

Other marker practices include this random fire girl, and a cute drawing of me and my nerd.

Kinda hate her. Didn’t really know what I was doing yet. Should have finished with some lineart but I am 100000% moved on from its mediocrity. Her hair is pretty though.
Ryan’s hair shading turned out better than literally anything else in this. And any of the shading I did well honestly just kinda died when I scanned it in. :/

Andnndndnndnd two other pieces of news.

Emotia News

One, I’m very slowly working on a new Emotia painting. I’ve been trying to synthesize myself a bit and figure out where I’m at, and where I’m about to be going, what with starting grad school (again) in a few weeks, and settling into my new less direct care role at work. In some ways I haven’t really changed all that much since my last Emotia, so I think that’s why I did this fabulous paint sketch of my new one and then kinda screeched to a halt, because I’m not positive yet if it’s time for a new one, even though I could just do it anyway. There’s something about this series in particular that has profundity that I really don’t ever want to damage, and part of keeping it sacred may be knowing when not to make one, if when I want to it feels too trivial.

Very very very tentative new project news

Very very very tentative because as per usual, my whims are capricious and difficult to pin down, so I may put two hours of work into this over the next few days before pretending like I never said anything about it – anyway, I was trying to force myself to finish the book I’m reading, a less compelling sequel to Seraphina, and reading about other people’s dragons made me pick up To Trust a Dragon again and then I thought about how all these scenes are like, SUPER VISUAL, and then I was like…*steeples fingers* DO I WANT TO DO THIS? Well, I always do have good timing for shit like this, so yeah MAYBE! We’ll see; I did some preliminary sketches of Noeli and Siv in dragon form since I realized he would spend most of the story as a dragon, and I think they would be really, really neat characters to work on. Noeli would literally be the only human I’d be drawing until she gets to Adriana, so I have to make sure her model is compelling, which I kind of already knew it was.

So, now that I’m done blogging and settling into my art space I was gonna go see what I can do on this. Wish me and my cranky technology luck.

To Trust a Dragon, Writing!

project: FINISHED


This afternoon I finished “To Trust a Dragon” (born as “Dragon’s Girl” or “The Dragon Prince”) !!!! I literally cheered after I wrote “End.” IT FELT SO GOOD

Kyra said it was deeply satisfying and I think that’s exactly how I feel about it, too. I think it really rounded itself out and even if the ending was nothing spectacular, it was the ending I needed to write. And as usual, I realized today that this whole time the story was meant to explore how I slowly matured into my own relationship with my husband the same way Noeli had to come around and trust herself in order to appreciate what was around her.

And here’s a cute drawing of them from the last scene.

Also go read its page on My Mental Breakdown!

Art!, To Trust a Dragon, Writing!


What an exciting time to be Mary! I’m home from work for a week and a half because I’m getting MARRIED NEXT WEEKEND! And forget wedding planning, I’ve plunged headfirst into creativity and productivity and it is blissful.

I got three new YA books when I was at the mall yesterday, and I can barely decide which of them and the one I got for Christmas I actually want to commit to reading first! A great and terrible problem indeed!

And then, like two weeks ago, I had this crazy vivid dream about a Skyrim dragon I was like, companions with, and an enemy dragon stole my “sister” away to their dragon realm so we had to figure out how to get her back. And I was like DUDE, THAT’S LEGIT so I very hesitantly started a story on it that I’m STILL WORKING ON!

MIRACLE OF MIRACLES! And now I have TWO readers – Kyra, for the passion and enthusiasm, and Ryan, to spot my tired typos and any inconsistencies/repetition/lack of believability.

So today it was time to doodle my heroes, Noeli and Sivarthis. Noeli’s struggling to really show her stuff yet because she’s angry and/or traumatized, but Kyra and I are head over heels for Sivarthis. It was actually her idea to even make him dark-skinned, which should have been a no-brainer.


In five days it’s my wedding! I’ll be sure to post some photos when I get them back from our photographer!