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as of late

I have definitely ghosted a bit on my art life. I have had some serious holiday blues this year and it’s made it really hard to focus on any creative projects. Basically every day for the past two months or so I have been trying to come up with a creative story idea to either do as a graphic novel or a normal novel and literally just nothing has come of it. None of my themes ring true and any serious soul searching themes I have are honestly just a bit too heavy to get into yet as they are all just kind of still happening and I’m not ready to confront them. So I’ll keep trying every day till something bursts forth basically.

My digital art has been really really dry. I feel like I keep drawing the same person with the same colors over and over. It doesn’t mean anything or make me feel anything so usually what I do is save it as a lame sketch and move on unaffected. This is kind of the issue I guess with not having a story. I feel so inspired when I’m writing about new people doing whimsical things. When I’m not I feel dishonest when I draw some random person doing something mundane usually with a coffee cup. But the inspiration literally just doesn’t come right now.

Naturally in times of trial I turn towards Ryan for inspiration, so I ended up painting us a Christmas card and I think it’s pretty cute.

Here’s some uninspired hand sketches.

Half a drawing called “When there’s only the dark side.”


A sketchy painting from work.

A sketch from showers time at work.


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