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surpassing witchy warmup

Apparently the Mary as a Witch motif has been very inspiring to me lately. Worked on this over the course of three evenings. FRICKING LOVE IT. One of my most sophisticated color palettes and compositions on the computer in ages. Glad I more or less covered up my panty peek so I’m ont embarrassed about that…in all frankness you can still see it under my semi-transparent flutters. ^_^

This witch drawing was very well received on Facebook, but somehow it still doesn’t feel like an official addition to my art unless I post it in my blog.

For the record, these two sketches below were definitely my warmups for that witch drawing, which is cool. I actually let these two be sketchy/thoughts/experimental. I love the red and black one; it was first, and then I think I tried too hard with the other one and ended up abandoning my attempt to add hair because nothing looked good.

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