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sing-songy valentines drawings

Yet again, some 4 years later, I somehow ended up accidentally using Lee and Lucy for a Valentine’s drawing. Probably regret Levi’s hat. He’s not a hat kind of guy apparently. Not that it looks bad, it just makes him look so un-Levi-like. I fucking love both their cute little faces. And Lucienne’s glorious thick Tangled-esque braid. Friendly reminder that Lucy and Lee have reminded me of Rapunzel and Flynn ever since I saw the movie in theaters when I was first writing it eight fucking years ago per IMDB.

Used a surface blur this time around to soften the grainy familiarity of colored pencils. And nod to Levi’s “SW” hat.

Hopefully now that I finally put the lyrics from that one song into a drawing I’ll stop being so ridiculous about it.

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