Hoshi’s Havoc

(Read one column, and then the second)


I swear – the more vehemently I resisted, the more certain she became that she was DEFINITELY supposed to jump inside my portfolio!

I left the fact that I started laughing so hard I was hyperventilating with tears in my eyes out of the comic, because I thought that would make it a little less comic.

But really…for the first time all weekend, I was being productive. And then she had to go and get into my business! And I’ll have you know that, after she did a little victory dance with the wad of paper I threw at her, she retired placidly to sleeping on my bed.

Given that this is the fifth Hoshi/Misty-related comic “strip” I’ve done…I’m definitely considering turning my attention to them long enough to assemble them in a series and polish them up a bit. I think they could go somewhere, because they’re simple and easy to relate to if you’re a cat person.

Anyway…I guess I should try to go get back on task…stupid cat…

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