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“Matters of the Heart are Always the Most Complicated.”

I don’t have a ton to say – really, I just came here when that ball of tension in my stomach tightened up because of thoughts about my publication.

My dad directed me to this article by Holly Schindler, who was writing about “Book Blogs” and the opportunity therein for up-and-coming authors to gain good responses to their books through seeking out bloggers. After taking a look at her website, I started getting pretty nervous about my own stuff. I want to utilize resources like hers – I even briefly wondered if I should send her an email – but it seems so scary. I’ve never been good with following bloggers except for Jonathan Stroud and Shilin but I recognize I have more and more reasons to do so.

So basically all this is saying is that I hope that this coming year brings new courage to doing things like reaching out to book bloggers and other marketing things like that. I hope it might even bring some success. But I think one anxiety I’m having is over the dichotomy of being worried that my book will fall on its face when it comes out – and also being worried that it might go over really well. Both possibilities sound so very intimidating.

Anyway, things with OMS have settled down and now I’m just procrastinating on giving a facelift to the stories section. I’ve been working my way through Margaret’s latest read-through of RE. And (here’s my favorite part) I’m almost done with Sun-Walking! 😀

The story is definitely set up for a sequel. I still have a lot to learn about Lucienne and Levi, and they still have a lot to learn about the Sun-Creatures. I have to decide where Levi is from, though, so that I can work from there.

Yep. That’s about all. Picture-free blogs always make me uncomfortable, but whatever.

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