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prince & pauper


So, just like when I took studio art classes at Bethany, Drawing at Augsburg has been tickling my urge to draw my own things again.

This piece was a really big stress reliever that I did throughout Friday and today. It’s fun, because for the first time I think I successfully integrated a real setting (the background) with my own contrived contents (the foreground). The background was my view in my school cafe, including the sign next to Micah. It says “Signify Nothing” and has the Greek characters for “Signa (?),” “Phi,” and nothing – hehehe. I don’t know why it’s there or what it’s for, but it moved in the last few weeks from a different wall to this one and it makes me happy.

The whole thing is done in ballpoint pen. I switched very early on from a pencil sketch to this pen version because pencil smudges a lot on this paper, and I wanted the lines to stay crisp even while I was building them up. Danyil’s head stole the focal point INSTANTLY, but I didn’t want him monopolizing the image and the stripes on Micah’s hoodie pulled him forward, but now I’m wondering if they’re fighting for the focal point and that would make the picture a little unstable. I just couldn’t let Danny dominate. ;_; He looks like a prince, though. Very handsome. Micah looks good too. I LOVE THAT CONVERSE SHOE. Hahaha. That’s like my favorite part of the whole image. We’ll see what I think about this after a while, but for now I’m really happy with this. I tried to build up the layers slowly instead of diving in like I usually do, and I think that helped it stay more refined.

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  1. you have gotten so freaking good at layout/drawing since middle/highschool ! the front page for this site is killer and i love your colors for this theme. feel better !

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