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girls with flowers

whoa, wordpress facelift! all right then. i can deal.
anyway, was sketching. find myself repulsed by the idea of penning/colored penciling things, so in this case i settled for a pencil sketch with digital colors /lazy
i decided that lucienne, cirrus and ingrid would really get along.
it wasn’t until was contemplating coloring this that i realized with dismay that all three girls are white. more than that, two out of three of these girls are not only white, they are ABNORMALLY white. i lose some cultural coolness points with that one.



a. idk what the hell happened to cirrus’ eyes. they used to be the correct shape.
b. why doesn’t white gel pen actually work the way i want it to
c. olive green colored pencils are not olive green
d. ughughugh i murdered ingrid’s usually gorgeous tresses in so many ways
e. wtf lucienne what happened to your mouth
f. i loath the way i have to adjust the shit out of traditional pieces because colored pencils are too grainy or the scanner washes out the saturation
g. oh GOSH why doesn’t traditional produce the kind of results as digital ): i am a traitor to my own arguments
h & lastly. i shouldn’t even point out that i worked on these lines and colors over two days. but that digital one, which honestly looks better…30 minutes. tops. ):

1 thought on “girls with flowers”

  1. I like the traditional one better, actually. You’re right, the colors are washed out, but that’s not your fault.

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