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You know, it’s surprisingly challenging for me to actually try to improve in my own direction. A lot of my time drawing (writing doesn’t work like this) is spent thinking of this or that artist and how I wish I could do (digital/watercolor/ink/shading/faces) like this artist or that. It’s not until I finally slow down and tell myself that I can proceed how I want to proceed, rather than whom I wish I were most like, that I actually get anywhere.
Thus, this week I’ve had a few digitally colored pieces (relating to Apprentice of Light) that I’ve scrapped midway through because I get so frustrated once I try to move past the flat color phase and onto shading. See, my cell shading usually looks awful, and more often than not I over-shade when trying to do it gradient.
So I started this sketch of Ingrid and Lucienne this evening because I think of all the female characters I’ve written, those two are most compatible — like (revelation), if I were to stick them together in a story, it would be KICK-ASS. Anyway, when I got past flat-coloring Lucienne, I decided to focus in and try to work at shading her until I liked it.

Five hours later…


I’m pretty happy with it. I love that it’s got the big brushy line-art but it’s also nicely shaded. See, one tendency I usually have whilst shading digitally is that “Hm maybe this would work better if I just got rid of the lines altogether *proceeds to destroy entire picture*” So this was a bit of a remedy for that. Lines have always been my strength, so I used them as a crutch in this piece, and it worked. 🙂

Anyways, some other AoL (tee hee…AOL…America OnLine…tee hee…Nineties internet) sketches from this week


see with this one I went “Hm maybe this would work better if I just got rid of the lines altogether”

yeah scary huh. and then this next one i said “I’M GOING TO DO CELL SHADING DAMMIT *hurry hurry hurry*”

and then this one i said “eff this color isn’t working, OH WELL I’LL JUST PUT A FLAT COLOR BEHIND THEM”

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  1. That first one is amazing. Like, webcomic quality. Really super polished, no unnecessary lines, and just…vibrant. Also, Lucy’s face sort of looks like you. You know…if you had an innocent face. :3

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