Art!, Redefining Evil


I will always love this character. I love his design, I love his delivery, I love how long he’s been around. I love that he’s old, and he bears his age — he’s got nearly-grown children — but in some ways he’s still got the same heart that got broken by his family as a teenager. This is Julian Evereaux, and I miss writing him. He was the lead in the first short story I ever wrote for school in 7th grade, although he was around 11 years old in that. I wouldn’t even dare trying to incorporate a character like him anywhere else, unless I could get as deeply into him as I did in “Redefining Evil.” I mean, in a way he’s tragic to the core, because his grieving is a fundamental part of his character. His grieving makes him strong, unbeatable, really. He and Danyil make a great pair in RE, and I started with a sketch of the two of them but as soon as I drew these fingers I knew I needed to do Julian alone.

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