Art!, Redefining Evil

Fall Cast


So working on this piece got my extremely sentimental and nostalgic. Missy Higgins’ song “Warm Whispers” made it worse. Any time I am in between creative projects (not that my art crawl isn’t taking up ALL of my energy), it’s always this cast that I come back to. And I got sad, too, thinking about how this picture would have to be set in some alternate timeline when Danny doesn’t get brutally slaughtered at the end of the story. ;_; But it’s so richly autumn because my family was talking about apple orchards today and the weather this weekend has been cold and sunny, which is perfect.

I thought I had more to say about this, but all I’ve been thinking is that maybe I should rewrite “The Terror of Night” from scratch so I can really, really eliminate all the remaining awkwardness. But I always feel compelled to rewrite precious projects when I’m not working on anything else, so I don’t know how seriously to take myself, haha.

Oh and Sotoka is the scarecrow in the background hehehe.

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