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It Will Work Out (I Hope)

So after giving up midway through “Waiting” (Is that ironic? That I got impatient trying to figure out a picture that was about my impatience? … Yes I think it actually is), I had just been dicking around with various watercolors and casually forgot about how I’d set out to make a series of digital paintings about complex emotions. Then my boyfriend made an observation about my desperation while working to have time off to do art and how I never really did much of it when I was desperately unemployed. Desperate unemployment creates quite a different tone than comfortable time off, it turns out, because I felt like I was going too stir-crazy to attempt anything creative. I basically ended up spending 10 days without a job trying as hard as I could to run away from being alone. I’d go for bike rides for 2 hours just so I wouldn’t be in the house. I’d force my boyfriend to hang out with me. I’d whine about my alone time on the internet. I’d apply for jobs. Lots and lots and lots of jobs. I feel like I don’t know  how to be that closed-off but wildly prolific girl I used to be during high school/college. HOW did I write a 500-page novel about a girl with a glowing dragon? How did I create 46 pages of a beautiful colored graphic novel while I studied abroad? How did I justify choosing to spend my time on that stuff rather than, like, relationships, or work?
And, now, more pertinent, how do I spend time on my creative life while still having relationships (a select few)?

I had the somewhat bittersweet realization a few weeks ago that I really only wanted to come up with a story idea for the sake of having written so many and wanting to keep that alive. I didn’t really wanna do it for the same driving sense of passion that used to motivate. I really really hope that changes on its own, but I don’t want to be a slave to solving writer’s block I don’t even know should be solved.

As for art, just now I caught myself ready to quit and come back to this piece later rather than problem-solving it now and being done with it. I think that’s gotten me stuck with a lot of work-in-progresses that I then forget about.

Anyway, I realized I put up my watercolor paintings in my gallery but not in here, so I’ll add those in and then talk about my newest emotia drawing.


I like this one in the sense that it’s like “aw cute” but it’s so shallow and childish compared to my usual work haha. If the entire thing were just her dress and the cat I think I’d be happier with it. As it were, it looks like it belongs in a child’s bedroom. At the same time I’m really happy with the skint one on her neck and the outline of her foot, and I didn’t have much practice with watercolor till this.

This was practice #2 with watercolor and what’s hilarious is her skirt started out as a mistake and turned into my favorite part of the painting.  I love her hair and her eyes even though they’re both kind of freaky. I don’t like how I shaded her skin or that I stupidly messed up her tights.

Okay so this second completed member of Emotia is “Things Will Work Out (I Hope), but it ended up being a lot more narrative than conceptual – not that that takes anything away from it. Her pose, for once in my life, came quickly and naturally and this final draft of her pose actually came without any revising except in the initial phase. Not gonna lie though – I may only have given her those combat boots because I’m so excited that they’re back in style so I can wear my Doc Martens this fall! Okay but anyway, I don’t actually remember where the light bulbs idea came from. I think I knew I wanted that hopeful aspect in the piece so I knew she needed a physical light source. OH NO, I was watching Being Human (the UK version) and a vampire was touching an old yellow light bulb riiiight when I must have been starting this.
You know, that just made me realize – maybe to get back into being productive I have to start turning on my creative eye when I’m out and about. Like when I’m watching TV or when I’m reading. I can’t remember the last time I did something “because I saw…”
Anyway, the purpose of this girl is supposed to be that she is ready and determined and she has already been through shit (okay, mud), but she’s still planted and she’s not moving yet. She’s bright with hope so much sometimes that it makes her want to fly but it also weighs her down (I literally just made that part up now, but yes).
She looks like she belongs in a whole world of light bulb fairies though; I wish I could do something with that but we’ll see.
Also her hair was SO great to do!

3 thoughts on “It Will Work Out (I Hope)”

  1. Hey! love the painting in the middle with the trippy skirt drips and awesome face.
    This is Natalia from the graphic novel class at west suburban? I swear I didn’t forget about you…. I’m just sort of intimidated by contacting people? Anyway today I’m forcing myself to talk to awesome people so hello! how has the rest of your summer been? Do you even remember me anymore?

    1. Oh Natalia, of course I remember you! I haven’t had many of my own students but you were kinda different than that anyway; you were an inspiration to me! You’ve got heaps of talent and the world’s at your fingertips.
      I’m totes intimidated by contacting people too, but I’m so glad that you pushed past that and commented anyway. You’re my first real comment on my mostly invisible art blog anyway, so that’s special too.
      How goes your art world (though I do watch your videos occasionally)? Hopefully you’ll be notified that I responded to this…I remember forgetting I commented on stuff and never remembering to check back on it.

      1. Haha, just like you I forget to check if you replied. But I’m suprised I’m your first comment! If you keep doing such great thoughtful commenting on your art and regularly posting I’m sure some dedicated blog viewers will come along 🙂
        Anyway, art has been fuzzy business for me lately, as I’ve been struggling to put a story idea of mine onto paper… just won’t happen you know? And getting ideas to draw only seems to happen on nights with piles of highschool homework.
        I still have been putting out videos, but honestly I prefer not to think about the idea of people actually watching them because it makes me wanna die of embarassment. Somehow I still make more videos anyway 🙂
        I am going to kick myself in the butt to actually finish that little story I did in your class because I think that is holding me back?? I need to finish a story to prove to myself that I can.

        On a different note, let’s talk about you. What has happened with your art? I saw on a post that your drive to write stories is off…or is that over with now?

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