so many digital girls

(It should be pointed out that I realize that this blog title sounds like this entry is going to be about porn. It’s not. I just draw lots of female subjects. Thanks bye.)

Life has kind of taken precedence over really digging into my creative world, but I’ve still been doing a lot of various digital drawings. I even did an oil pastel drawing on canvas last weekend. I should really get that scanned in *or something* because it’s actually pretty sweet. Since I haven’t compiled my sketches in a while, I don’t necessarily have a whole lot to say about them. It’s just been nice to be in a phase with art where I’ve essentially allowed myself to doodle. And apparently it’s taken nearly this long to be able to make drawings of people I’ve made up on the spot without feeling terribly guilty for not using story characters.

Here’s a generic blond girl with Snowball the cat on her calf. I love the muted pastel purples and whatnot.

closing eyes

Ryan immediately assumed this  girl was naked but she is so draped up. I sketched the crap out of her. And then doodled Chevelle lyrics into it because either this was stuck in my head or I was actively listening to them. I love her electrified hair. Then I did some creepy gradient shading I may or may not actually like.

One time Snowball the cat’s human persona, Snow, was discussed into existence. She’s terrible and annoying, unlike the cat, who is simply annoying but also super adorable.splash

I did this a couple weeks ago when I really wanted to paint but was totally failing at actual paint. I think I really like it but you can tell it’s not quite as strong as traditional work that I do or even my normal digital sketchiness.

Then I did this one last night and I kind of love how it turned out. Except I don’t like the soft edges of the lineart; I would have preferred them super crisp. I was also incredibly bummed because I did half this picture not realizing that f.lux was on and I super sadly turned it off to find I didn’t like any of the colors as much but was too lazy to adjust them. Also as per usual I started adding some highlights to the colors and then hated them so I naturally made her shirt into a statement about it. DO YOU LIKE HOW THE SENTENCE ENDS IN A COMMA,


elf tree

HEY LOOK I SAID I SHOULD SCAN THAT CANVAS PASTEL DRAWING AND I DID 😀 The colors were super muted; it’s like the wax sucked out the scanner light so it couldn’t catch anything that was actually there.
This is really only the top half of the piece because I didn’t feel like “piecing” this one together. ALl that was really worthwhile in the lower part was a few details in her vague “shoulder.”
So I think I definitely want to explore pastel further because it was really cool how easily I could draw once I’d just covered everything in layers of pastel. Normally I’d gotten too impatient with the graininess of pastel that I would stop before I developed it this much. And then of course at the last second I scratched those blue lines into the tree and LOVED them so I want to do an entire drawing where I coat the surface and then do scratchy pastel line art. So, PROGRESS!

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