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On a particularly hormone-induced night of bursting creativity, I grabbed some paint and I was all like I’M GONNA MAKE BACKGROUNDS. I realized this because I usually do like lineart I do on the computer, but I never get much farther than that with it, because the computer just makes everything look so…computery. Technical. Not lively, not varied. I mean, obviously.

Anyway, after making the backgrounds I was laying in bed for a really long time keeping myself up with unnecessary worrying, and then I was like but HMM, what am I going to do with my backgrounds? And then I got a few ideas and fell immediately asleep. Yay, creativity! I haven’t actually done any of the ideas I had falling asleep – I feel like every time I sit down, I’ve been refining what I want to do with these backgrounds and I will continue to do so, all the while either making new paintings or reusing old paintings in new ways on the computer.

Without further ado, here’s all the ones I tried so far!


First attempt! Still kind of one of my favorites. I fucking love how all the scarf needed was a single spray of white on the border and then it looks like a kickass scarf I’d totes love to wear.dawn

Okay but I wasn’t going to keep her zig zag sock but I WAS DRAWING ON THE PAINTING LAYER AND THEN I WAS STUCK WITH IT UGHHH

But that skirt! I love doing clothing like that in painting. Being able to design outfits on the computer with paintings is going to be steeeellaaaar.

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First attempt at pasting a painting in place. It looked exactly how I wanted it to. But I feel like it doesn’t do this splicing method justice.rise against lyrics

Rise Against lyrics! I’m so bad at typography! Yay!

Did this one tonight. Pasting in place here went EXACTLY how I wanted it to, and adding the same painting in a different place to the background made it deliciously complex. Somehow the cap of her sleeve ended up being perfectly light enough so that it looks like actual shading. And I like how the filter for the layer makes her vest look shaded but not artificial in terms of texture. Also her pinky looked a lot better before I colored it.


p.s., this is my 100th art post in this blog! Dear Dreaming in Color, when did you get so old you asshole

1 thought on “digital/painting SPLICE!”

  1. I absolutely LOVE how I can tell that you honestly just write what you say/ are thinking with addition to these beautiful artwork.
    Thanks to your dad, who is also my guidance counselor for 10th grade at Cooper, I’ve become infatuated with your unique and expressive art.
    I most likely, probably, totally, absolutely, definitely, will save my favorites and use them as background wallpaper for my phone and anything electronic so I can admire them often during the day with a vivid feeling of jealousy and fascination. <3

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