Art!, Emotional Breakdowns

in case you can’t see

I have been completely confused by myself because I have not posted this image since my show last week. I thought I would do it right away. But I had an experience with a viewer at my gallery showing with this piece and its statement that literally rocked my world. It was amazing. I came out with this grandiose idea to produce a piece that was a physical representation of how I feel when I’m tied up in anxiety, and I didn’t want it to be misconstrued, so I made an artist statement describing my experience with anxiety and why I wanted to make it visible for those that don’t experience it.

I think this statement was way more effective than I could have imagined. I wanted to come and blog about it, to rave about the response I got to it, but it was real people who were affected by what I wrote and I want to respect their privacy. Bottom line is…I did it. This was a success.

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