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an emotional suckerpunch

Um so I was looking at My Mental Breakdown this morning and…I went through Micah/Myoku’s timeline and noticed my original Yu-Gi-Oh-esque Myoku drawing was from 2001 and my brain was like “Mary that’s 17 years” and I was like “hahahahaa no it’s not” and my brain was like “but” and I was like “no it’s not” and my brain was like “but it’s math” and so then I screeched to a halt on Dumping a Dragon and did a speedpainting of Myoku that ended up stupidly perfect and I have a lot of fucking feels now. SEVENTEEN YEARS with the same motherfucking persona of mine, looking dumb and ethnically ambiguous.¬†

And now I have to go to work/school. This feeling will carry me through the day though, I can tell you that much.

Enjoy this dump of old Myoku drawings

Hahahahahahah they hurt

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