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more dailies

Shoot, just saw I didn’t color her labret piercing. I’ve been trying to draw tasty looking frappuccinos for ages and I think this one finally looks enticing. I like the blue/purple/pink shadows on her skin.
Was feeling pissy Friday night so I made a pissy Micah sketch. And then tried to do a lame background.
Wednesday night I spent a while on this while Ryan was playing video games. I’d been wanting to do like a “slice” of light on someone and when I’d tried it in the past it kind of got away from me. So this one was super successful in that sense. I’ve been trying to use airbrush shading a lot more and I have mixed feelings about it; I had to add some paintbrush texture shading to offset how blurry it made everything look.

I just also like how symbolic this one feels in terms of where I’m at right now. I feel very bleak and in the dark but there’s a definite light to focus on in the future. It’s just faraway and uncertain.

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