Art!, MicahxAndrew, The Heartwood Trilogy

heartwood wrapping up

I’m not done yet!

But I feel like I’m trying to emotionally prepare for it. Good news is there will be plenty of edits ahead of me I’m sure teheh. And it’s gonna be extra tedious since I wrote both of the last two parts without editing!

But I love them all so much and I’m sad already to be moving toward the first of the last two (large) scenes

Which of course culminate in A WEDDING EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Gotta throw in one of the OG couple pics of Andrew and Micah from Code: Compromised

An unexpected scene led to Andrew getting a concussion which was very goofy but potentially insensitive to the seriousness of concussions

Bluey and Gravity Falls brought it to my attention that a favorite cartoon trope of mine is eyes facing different directions
I’m sad that the hottest kiss (that I traced from a manhua for practice) turned out so bloody? I guess in that sense this was a practice lol

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