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page 50

Well, the time has come! I just completed the 50th page of Dumping a Dragon.

To celebrate, I thought I’d pull out my shelf of self-written manga and go on a walk through the 50th page of my other stories! :3 Nostalgia, here we come!

Ah, but first, a spontaneous group photo of me and my 50 pagers!

hehe I kinda forgot to add Siv or Lia at first and I was like “…Lia’s just gonna make the layout uglier” (moody-ass Micah was hard enough to fit in on the right over there, hence his awkwardly reaching in front of Erik lol), so I was like …oh duh, Siv will fit in if he’s a dragon and he looks like a FUCKING MANIAC and I fucking adore it hahahaha
Volume 2 of Cadence when Solimin goes to hell and almost dies! Around 2008.
Volume 1 of Cadence, I love Soli chilling with Leaky haha. Around 2008.
Part of the rewrite of Redefining Evil. Rewrite took place around 2008. What a prolific year for my manga-making.

A good demonstration of crazy Erik. I’M NOT A F***ING NAZI. Rebels remains one of my favorite stories. Unique, isolated characters – it’s very much a bottle manga, attractive page designs, and very concise. And I also remember I came very close to never finishing it. Done around 2006.
This one made me tear up laughing. I submitted a 10 or so page segment of volume 1 of Nikkei to a manga competition. Eripmav is very happy to be falling from approx. 5 feet. This has got to be from around 2003 or so.
If you squint REALLY hard you can see Myoku taking his shirt off because I was a middle schooler and TEEHEEHEE ABS. Probably around 2005.
Don’t tell anyone I uploaded the 50th page of DaD.

Oh my gosh I almost forgot! All those ancient scans are only possible because my husband insisted on upgrading my flatbed scanner. Purely by chance, he ended up getting the latest version of the same scanner as I’ve had since my art inception. Thanks best husband ever!

In additional tech information, after fearing my laptop harddrive was failing due to the fact that any time I so much as put my hands too abruptly on the keyboard it would LITERALLY BLUESCREEN, we opened it up to see if it was something we could replace and…that seemed to settle it back into place, and no more bluescreening! I will be very sad the day this ancient laptop finally sleeps for good.