I’m kind of just updating to please Margaret. But it’s not actually going to be art-related, and that’s partly just so I can raise her hopes ONLY TO CRUSH THEM.

I wanted to give props to my awesome host because of how I got their newsletter in my inbox and thought, “Golly, these are so witty…I’m going to read it.” And, unlike how I treat Margaret, I wasn’t disappointed:

Hello, and welcome to the Happy October 2010 DreamHost Newsletter!

Halloween is just around the corner, but nothing in this newsletter will be sc…


HA HA! Just kidding. This is not going to be a scary newsletter because I…


Ha ha! Sorry, got you again! So like I was saying, I’m not crazy about the whole scaring part of Halloween. I’m more into the candy.

Mostly I stick with choc…


Oh man, I totally got you AGAIN! You should have seen the look on your face and I…


AGAIN! Oh brother, you’re really not taking this well. Are you sure you’re ok? I could…


Ok, now you’re turning red! Seriously, that…


I’ll call an ambulance.

Ahahaha. Maybe when things slow the eff down for a while, I’ll try to upload whatever little nothings I’ve been working on off and on. And dude I really need to get my booty in gear for the Fine Arts Scholarship. ;_; I have so much I have to do for it. I should really just submit something to the Variety Show. I got an email about it from the Art Club president, so technically it would be contributing to my scholarship. AAAHHH it’s like some strange combination of obligation to my art and incentive because WAIT THEY’RE GIVING ME MONEY. Hahaha. Weird.
And after meeting with Robert (intimidating man), when he told me even more about the depth with which they investigated the scholarship candidates…well, my scholarship matters – they chose my art. o___O; I’ve never been recognized like this. Now I have to NOT LET THEM DOWN. Ahahaha and then I mistakenly made my Art History timeline on the backs of lame Nikkei and Rebels sketches and Ozzy insisted on seeing them and then him and Betsey were like “We thinks yer a good artist.” when I was all bashful about it haha. IT’S BECAUSE THEY LOOKED BAD. But Betsey found it funny when I called Erik crazy, and then corrected myself and called him ambitious. This is weird. xD

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