Art!, Ryan & Me

for life.


Well, my first full illustration with my new tablet is finally complete~!

I think I started working on this the last week in July, and between transitioning into a new job, and fully committing to a rendered, detailed digital painting, this shit took foreeever.

It came to me on my drive home in rush hour one gray afternoon, when the sight of two tiny goldfinches darting over my head across the interstate caught my eye. They were bright and hopeful against a gloomy backdrop, and the first thing I thought of was, “That’s like Ryan and I.” It only felt better when I remembered my 5th grade research project on goldfinches: they mate for life. I realized everything about these darting, hopeful things with feathers (*Emily Dickinson reference, ftw) were what Ryan and I were being to each other during a time of professional upheaval and admittedly intense levels of Mary stress and anxiety. What this gave me on an artistic level is a color palette, a motif (wings), and a subject: us. As usual. Only more thorough than ever before (except maybe since our cityscape picture from early 2015).

This is honestly the only thing I’ve been working on because I was singlemindedly determined to make sure that it got completed and refined.


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