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I haven’t had any big serious projects to work on since “For Life,” but I’ve been making digital doodling a fairly regular part of my daily living lately.

Here’s a collection of what I’ve kind of finished.

When Ryan coined the verbage “Nerd Girl and Big Boobs” for me and my bestie, I couldn’t help but picture a fun anime doodle of us. Got lazy on the coloring. What else is new.

Friday night I sat down and wanted to draw a girl to contrast my usual lanky sultry style, and as soon as I drew her big boots she rather naturally evolved into a “Batgirl in Repose” drawing that I’m too scared to share with Batgirl artist Babs Tarr via social media.

Random doodle of me and my nerd love.bone dry Just discovered this badass brush in my Kyle Webster pack and immediately fell in love. Tried to add color, ruined the poise.cupcakesonthemind

Was drawing during my fiance’s family fantasy football draft. Spent the weekend choosing and discussing wedding cupcakes, so you can say they’re on my mind.



This is from a while ago and I kept pretending I was going to add color to it, but what for? The line art is STUNNING. I started doing this concurrently with For Life and that one understandably won out, but how cute are these idiots?

1 thought on “digital doodling”

  1. OK — the things that jumped out at me:

    the striped hoodie ties, the sweater vest, the middle character’s smile, the collars of the sweater vest — one neat, the other poking out, the clavicular notch of the dude with glasses…

    No idea why. Just sayin.

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