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Merry Christmas, Dreaming in Color! I took a break from serious Dumping a Dragon work because I was out of the house for most of the last two days. But the good news is I discovered a wonderful new art program to use on my Chromebook! Here are my doods. They’re all still Siv and Noelia!

Discovered I really like coloring with the pastel tool. Love the warm reds and purples. Have been feeling these two colors a lot lately.
First drawing I did in my new program. It’s super free and it doesn’t even have its own app store icon and it’s called Autodesk Sketchbook but it’s GREAT and Siv is so handsome in this! A blend of sketch brushes and airbush shading.
I HAVE GOOD NEWS. I CAN DRAW ON MY CHROMEBOOK WHILE I BIKE. It was amazing and challenging and Noelia looks BOMB AS HELL in this.

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