Sorry. I am Not Dead.

Well, I realized last week that finishing up my Master’s degree has destroyed my ability to engage in activities I like. It was a really rough 5 months honestly. I was angry a lot of the time and depressed a lot of the rest of the time. It was just the fact that the end has been in sight since I started my practicum and it’s been a rough way to end such a long journey starting way back when I started at Adler in 2015.

But I got a job already and I have 25 hours of my 700 hours of supervision left to go. My new job is awesome and I have my own office to do therapy in with adolescents who really need help.

I’ve been managing art here and there but no big projects and nothing that remarkable. Regardless, I put together 20 pictures I’ve worked on this year that haven’t been terrible.

I don’t remember why this picture was so sad. I mean, stress probably. But it’s The Killers lyrics and they got me emotional.
Andrew and Micah have been coming up on my Timehop this last month. It gives me the urge to come up with another story starring them with a less problematic teacher/student relationship, oh Mary. I’m hoping when I finish up my internship I can focus on art projects more.
The Satos/Evereauxs/Stillwaters! <3
Magical moon girl
Magical wood sprite girl
Magical fairy boy
I have a suspicion I did this on Valentine’s Day cause they’re freaks and I love them
I color portraits of Micah with like 90% of my artistic energy
Siv doodle. What a great character design
Micah as a slutty boi
A portrait I did last week that is rocking serious Yellow Diamond’s Pearl vibes. #whyhaventidonestevenuniversefanart
sunshine girl drawn on the plane to or from Hawaii
triple moon goddess vibes
magical devil girl
spring witch
pisces energy
voyeuring on my husband
husband profile pic
ronan and baya
anna and josh. i’ve had more success with commissions than my personal art this year, probably due to lack of energy

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