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closing thoughts for 2020

Ok but also I posted this on the 1st because I was very resistant to working on it sooner for whatever reason haha. But Ronan is obsessed with my office in the attic (it’s like 90% because of the moon tapestry I have that he’s obsessed with even though he can’t say moon, so he just goes …bhhhhhhhhhhhhhBA really emphatically) so I’ve been up here being creative more often.

Anyway here’s all the things I meant to do to wrap up the year.

Micah my dear, looking dope with sketchy lines and airbrush colors, like a character sheet from Saga haha.

Ok so the idea of kintsugi kept hanging in my head for this year not only because of all the insanity in the world but because of what happened to my back this fall. Physical therapy hasn’t been the miracle pill I was kind of hoping it would be and I think it’s going to be quite a journey back to a healthy strong body.

Anyway this was my first draft of the kintsugi idea

And it’s fine and everything= and her titties and lil back roll look real good but it didn’t really feel sophisticated or anything, so I pivoted and did a self portrait and was like YEp

So…no artistic goals for 2021, just going to see where the year takes me. 🙂

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