baby art

Hello and welcome to the final stretch of Mary’s maternity leave, wherein she’s gotten a bit bored and uninspired and has only done art of her and her baby. Except there’s also a story in the works! But it keeps starting and stopping and it might not end up finished. It’s a good idea though! […]

more dailies!

Obviously since I’m doing this daily drawing project…you know, daily, most of the time it’s been all I’ve done that day. And while I probably didn’t fully take advantage of my time at home as much in terms of art (I was, admittedly, a bit busy with finally celebrating my pregnancy *very late*, and midterms, […]

hit & run

After seven years (I got it on 7/7/07) with my first and only other tablet, my Wacom Graphire 4 has been offically retired to make way for my birthday present – my fabulous new Intuos Pen/Touch. Aside from a few glaring black dots somehow acquired when I flipped from pen to eraser, the transition into […]